Radical and Robotic Prostatectomy


            Ataturk Elementary and Primary School, Anamur 1973

            Anamur Secondary School, Anamur 1976

            Kuleli High School, Istanbul 1980

            Hacettepe University Medical School, Ankara   1980 1983

            GATA Medical School, Ankara 1983 – 1986

                        Medical Graduate and M.D. Degree, 1986

            Hacettepe University Medical School, Department Of Urology

                        Residency in Urology, 1988 – 1993


            Postgraduate Internship

                        1986 – 1987, Gülhane Medical School, Ankara, Turkey

            National Service as General Practioner

                        1987 – 1988, Erzincan – Turkey


1988 – 1993, Hacettepe University Medical School, Department of Urology, Ankara, Turkey

            Clinical Observer

1993, Transplantation Laboratory of Helsinki University and IV Department of Surgery of Helsinki University Central Hospital, Helsinki – Finland

            Instructor in Urology

1994 – 2001, Urology Clinic of the Ministry of Health Ankara Education and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

            Educational Staff

1996 – 2002, Urology Clinic of the Ministry of Health Ankara Education and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

            Associate Professor of Urology

1998, Hacettepe University Medical School, Department of Urology and Urology Clinic of the Ministry of Health Ankara Education and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

Chair and Founder

2002 – 2010, Urology Department of Ankara Oncology Hospital, Ankara, Turkey

Clinical Observer

2003, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the Sidney Kimmel Centre for Prostate and Urologic Cancers, New York, NY, USA

            Professor of Urology, Chair and Founder

2010 – 2011, Near East University (NEU), Medical School, Department of Urology, Turkey

Clinical Observer and Robotic Surgery

2010 and 2011, Department of Urologic Surgery, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, Tennessee

Clinical Observer and Robotic Surgery

2011, Glickman Urological & KIdney Institute, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland Ohio

ASM Hospital

2011 – , Urologist (Urooncology, Robotic Surgery, Endourologic surgery) at Anadolu Medical Center, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey


Organizer and scientific secretary of biannual International Ankara Urooncology Courses since 1997

                        Organizer of many national or regional Urology and Urooncology meetings


More than 300 international and national publications and presentations

14 Chapters in Text Books


                        As of April 2011, a total of 287 scientific citations to 37 articles


                        Urologic Oncology

                                   Prostate cancer

                                               Radical prostatectomy

                                   Bladder Cancer

                                               Radical cystyectomy

                                               Urinary diversion

                                                           Orthotopic neobladder

                                                           Continent catheterizable reservoirs

                                                           Conduit diversions

                                   Kidney Cancer

                                               Radical nephrectomy

                                               Nephron sparing surgery

                                               Vena cava thrombectomy

                                   Testicular cancer

                                               Primary retroperitoneal lymph node dissection

                                               Postchemotherapy retroperitoneal lymph node dissection

                                   Rare retroperitoneal tumors (sarcomas, etc…)

                                   Childhood urologic cancers (Wilm’s, Neuroblastoma, etc.)

                        Robotic Surgery

                                   Urologic oncologic surgery

                                               Prostate cancer

                                                           Robotic radical prostatectomy

                                               Kidney cancer

                                                           Robotic radical nephrectomy

                                                           Robotic nephrone sparing surgery

                                               Urologic reconstructive surgery



                                                           Bladder diverticulectomy

                        Urologic Endoscopic Surgery

                                   Transurethral resection

Prostate surgery

Bladder surgery

                                   Ureterorenoscopic interventions

                        Urologic Reconstructive Surgery

                                   Urethral reconstructions

                                               Endoscopic urethral surgery

                                               Open urethral reconstructive surgery

                                   Bladder Reconstructions

                                               Augmentation cystoplasty

                                               Bladder replacement

                        Urinary Diversion

                                   Conduit urinary diversion (ileal, colonic)

                                   Orthotopic neobladder

                                   Continent pouches

                                   Mitrofanoff procedure



European Association of Urology - EAU (Full Member since 1995,       FM 1978)

American Urological Association AUA (Corresponding Member since 1999, Member ID # : 00343253)

The Société Internationale d’Urologie SIU (Full Member since 2000)

Society of Urologic Oncology SUO (Since 2004, Member ID # : 115885)


Turkish Association of Medicine (1986)

                        Turkish Association of Urology (1993)

                        Ankara Urological Association (1998)

                        Turkish Society of Urologic Oncology (2002)

Turkish Society of Urologic Surgery (2011)